Looking for a Bussiness/Development Partner - 50/50 Split

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  • I want to work with another person who is really good with Construct, is trustworthy, and communicates well. I use Trello. I may be doing things in a complicated matter than could be simplified with another person who has ideas.

    I have been working on a game for quite some time now and I guess I get to the point of sort like writers block but with game development where I can't think of what needs to be done to push the game over the edge. I feel with another person, more ideas come up, and development will move a long quite a bit faster. I have already been greenlit on Steam for this game (back when they still did Greenlight) so it already can go straight to Steam without additional cost.

    State of the game:

    • Graphics are finished, just things that may come up that haven't been thought of yet that are still being done.
    • Mechanics are mostly in place. Well the hard stuff anyway.
    • The concept, and goals.

    I want this to be a business partnership and will expect there to be a signed agreement to hold both parties accountable, and to add an extra layer of trust for both of us. Unfortunately you will need to be at least 18 years old, and I would like for you to be in North America but that isn't a requirement. The split on this will be 50/50 on all profits. Even split for everything moving forward. Please shoot me an email directly jer(DOT)miller6(AT)gmail , or message me here.

    Screenshot : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1STj-A ... F9h3rjPQF9

    Thank you!

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  • I'm surprised that no one has responded to this message here as yet. It seems like quite the offer. For all the work that you've invested so far, you still offer 50 / 50 ? I've got to say I'm very tempted to apply, how many hours of work do you require a week to be invested?

  • Sent you a PM. Thanks for your interest. I've made some solid progress and overcome some problems over the weekend. Things are looking up.

  • i sent you a mail as well. but i am not sure if i found the right one because all i see is this: jer(DOT)miller6(AT)gmail , or

    Anyway i am interested and was hoping we could talk if you have not already found someone.

    my email is: csperrevik(At)Yahoo.no

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