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  • Greetings Scirra Community,

    I am a entrepreneur who started an intense study of the gaming industry and associated 2D/3D tools and resources back about 18 months ago. My plan is to open an independent gaming studio here in the Boston area in early 2017, Game Candi.

    I am well versed in technology, graphic design and development and want to focus on the development and advancement of 2D and 3D gaming, especially virtual and augmented reality. I started using Construct 2 about a year ago and find it very helpful to mock-up ideas and create proof-of-concept games. But limitations prevent me from creating a complete game, besides that's ultimately not my role. My background includes several successful ventures, one of which eventually grew to the moderate size of $20M in annual revenue with over 100 employees. You can view my LinkedIn profle here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/billiemead

    My strengths in addition to growing and running a successful business include business development, sales/marketing, project management, agile development and managing people, finances and resources. I am looking to meet and develop new relationships with gaming developers and 2D/3D artists who would be interested in joining forces and partnering up. Which brings me to the reason for posting tonight.

    I have put up a demo of a project I would like to present to YETI, who is the manufacturer of the SnowMX. The SnowMX has come to be known as a snow bike... a cross between a motorcycle and a snowmobile. I only put together a simple level and the physics are a bit over my head, so it's quite wonky, but you get the general idea.


    I would find an experienced ambitious creative director/artist and developer to complete one full level and add enough polish where I can present the game to YETI marketing department with the hopes of selling the idea and raising funds to create a complete game for them to use as a marketing tool. Also, there are several other manufacturers I can approach provided we keep it easy to reskin the game with a different brand. But time is running out before the prime marketing season passes and I'd like to show something in a few weeks and try to sell the game for a Jan 1 completion date.

    I can pay but I am ultimately looking for individuals interested in the possibility of partnering up, and if you have ever started your own business then you know the big payout comes down the road, AFTER you have rolled-up your sleeves and put in hard work. So if you're just looking for a big paycheck, this is not the right opportunity for you. Otherwise, please send me a message or reply here and I will follow up with you directly.

    Cheers and thanks for reading!

    Billie Mead

    Game Candi


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  • Hello Billie,

    Impressive resume!

    I'm unsure of exactly what you are looking for.

    a. You want a partner in your indie studio for a share of it?

    b. You want an employee to work for you now for a hourly or per project fee? (In house?)

    c. You want someone to get this one level done, and see if this venture goes anywhere?

    I'm unsure if this is something I'm interested in or not, but if you would like to reach me, you do so via PM or

    (If it wouldn't be for me, I might be able to think of someone in the community that would be interested)



  • Hi Justin,

    Thank you for the compliments. I have been blessed to have been ridiculously successful. I have also lost my shirt to the tune of millions. But success has always been because of those I surrounded myself with while I pretty much was solely responsible for taking a beating (loss).

    I will email you directly, but thanks for your questions and I apologize I wasn't more clear. I will leave a general answer here.

    a. Ultimately, I would like to find a few core team members in which to partner up with, but that's a long term goal and in my experience those people usually fall into place naturally. I cannot believe how much amazing talent there is, but unfortunately talent alone is not enough to be successful. Timing. Motivation. Situation.

    b. We will get there and then the plan is to attract and employ the best 'partners' we can find worldwide. To confuse things, I think of employees as partners that are equal in every respect. I believe in paying extremely well and then giving 'partners' all of the resources that they need to do their absolute best. But this is down the road. I know where to find 'employees' or contract labor and will use those resources when necessary.

    c. Getting this level completed is part of the momentum needed to fulfill both a. and b. I need to polish up several ideas and get them ready for presentation. I expect to pay for this but probably not going rates and why not also look for someone who might have an interest in going further?

    Billie Mead

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