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  • Hey everyone!

    I currently have a small team formed, working on our first game title. It's a sidescroller running game. Our current team consists of a talented Concept artist, a great music/sound developer, an awesome coder (Using Construct2) and myself doing the game assets and marketing. This game is going to be released online via our website, as well as in the android play store (and if it is popular, other platforms)

    We are looking for a creative artist to help with background development. We do have concept sketches made up for several levels, I just find myself falling short as an artist on the background design. We have plenty of resource materials, and a solid concept for the game - just looking for a little extra help! The art style we're going for is fairly cartoony.

    Although we can't offer cash up front for the designs, you would of course receive credit for your art, and if we do end up making any cash from adsales or otherwise, you would be contracted a fair percentage. other than that, we are all working hard just so we feel accomplished, and also have an end product that will be great for our portfolios.

    I'll be glad to share more information and samples of our current art to the right candidate! If you're interested, shoot me a message here, or message me on Skype - my skype name is insaynnyasni

    I look forward to hearing from some folks and think this can be a great opportunity for everyone involved!

    -Cody (Phraktol)

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  • Hi there! Take a look at my games indiedb.com/members/wolod

    This is my devblog. If you'll like my style you can PM me.

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