Looking to assemble team for upcoming Metroidvania project.

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  • Hello,

    I am looking to put together a team for my first paid game project. The game is a Metroidvania side-scroller that adds a creative element to it. Players will be able to create their own protagonist, and go on an adventure. Throughout the game, they will encounter puzzles, enemies, and bosses with the weapons and upgrades collected along the way. What makes this game different from other Metroidvania style game is it encourages players to be creative in solving given tasks. The game takes inspiration from 8-bit classics including Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Shatter Hand, Mega Man, and more. The game is currently seeking distribution. The production time is looking to take within 6 months. The finished product will be released on PC and Steam, with mobile being discussed upon released.

    I have had several years of experience in 2D and 3D art design as well as game developing programs such as Construct 2, Flash Actionscript, and Unity. I have also worked in previous teams designing video games for game jams. Currently, a game document is being written, I am very confident with what I want in the game, and I am looking to form my own team which includes the following:

    Programmer - The programmer will be doing the core game play, as well as the single player mode. Capable of making 2D side-scrolling game play, with fixed/grid camera scrolling. They will also be working on menus, AI, and others to be discussed. They will be working with the Lead Designer, Level Designer, and Sound Designer.

    Art Designer - Will be helping with the visual aspect of the game. Skills include making 8-bit NES style sprites as well as level tile maps. They will be working with the Lead Designer and Level Designer.

    Level Designer - Will be helping out with making non-linear 2D levels for the game. They will be building layouts for different areas, including cities, forests, deserts, and more. They will be working with Lead Designer and Art Designer, who will provide the art assets.

    Music/Sound Composer - Will be creating music and sound in the style of 8-bit chip tunes. Someone who is able to create a Konami-esque style of chip tune. Experience with programs such as FamiTracker is a plus. They will be working with the Lead Designer and Programmer, who will implement the audio into the game.

    QA/Game Tester - Will be responsible for playing and testing for any bugs, glitches, and other assorted errors that need to be polished and fixed before release. They will be working with the Lead Designer, Programmer, Level Designer, and Music/Sound Designer.

    This team will be working remotely from their own locations. There will be a lot of communicating through e-mail as well as Skype. If you are interested in this project, contact me via private message or E-Mail (), and provide a quote. Presenting samples of your previous work are a plus. With all that said, I leave you with a few concept screenshots for the game:

  • JT20XX - It looks like you'll need to build up your rep a little to post those links, images and email address.

  • I have two years experience as a QA tester, in both AAA titles and indies. If this is paid and remote, you can contact me.

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  • Sounds cool. I have loads of experience and can probably help out with lots of things, but I see myself as primarily a designer -> https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathewnicholas. If you're interested then pm me.

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