Looking for artists/adventurers to bring my game to life

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  • I'm looking for an artist to add flesh to my game. This will be an adventure for the both of us, and what I mean by that is we should view this as a fun collaboration rather than a monetary venture. I won't be able to pay much if at all until the project picks up speed. I plan on kickstarting my game after it's completion and the artist will be paid from those proceeds. We can talk percentages in PMs but I'm more excited about getting a game out there than money.

    If you're an artist and feel like applying for this adventure send me a PM with a link to some recent work. I've listed some targets that I'll be watching for below.

    • Need to be able to communicate well. If something doesn't work I would like to be able to discuss the changes within the week rather than a month later.
    • Need to be able to understand and demonstrate movement in characters. I want to make sure the player character movement is as smooth as the engine. (spriters know what I mean )
    • Need to be able to create tiled layers that can be seamlessly repeated, for ground, floor and wall images.
    • Need to be consistent with the art style.. I want you to assign an overall feel to my game and maintain that same familiar feel throughout.

    This beautiful community has amazing talent and I don't want anyone to feel left out, all art styles welcome!

    Thank you!

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