Looking for an Artist for a Social Deduction Game

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  • Hey guys,

    I am looking for (an) artist(s) to join me in developing a social deduction game.

    I am a C2 developer with about 4 years of experience with Construct, and the game I'm talking about is based on a popular physical social deduction game. It already exists and has a reasonably-sized community, but is in need of fixing, especially so in terms of art. The future revenue that the game will make will be distributed between the team members (the team is yet to be finalized).

    What I'm looking for is primarily genuine interest in the game. While we're obviously aiming to earn revenue, this should not be your most important motivational factor. Thus, it is a plus if you're interested in and / or familiar with social deduction games in general. Even though I'm not expecting ideal, flawless artwork, your art quality should still be good, as we want the game to have potential in all aspects.

    If you are not an artist, but are interested in helping out another way (C2 development, music composition, community involvement, etc.), feel free to contact me as well.

    Please hit me up at or message me on Skype (ebrodskygh5 - please specify the post you came from since I don't usually add random people) if you are interested in the game and if you would like to join.

    Thanks for checking out the post, and have a great day!

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