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  • He everyone. I'm putting the finishing touches on my mobile app. The thing is I have the app but I don't have a name for it and I need a logo design.

    It's an app built for grocery stores, convenience, stores, pharmacies, restaurants....... That keeps track of the temperatures of their perishable goods. It's a mobile app that I plan on publishing to all platforms so I need to think of an app name that's not taken on the app stores and I need a nice logo to tie it all in. Please look me up on Facebook at Facebook.com/hikenh to discuss it further if you are interested.



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  • Hi Lance,

    Checked out the Facebook page and images of your project,

    Is that the layout/Design you are keeping or would you like that worked on too?

    I'm sure we could work on that all for a reasonable price if you would like,

    You can email me at to contact me,

    Look forward to hearing from you,



  • WildRoosterGFX

    Due to budget constraints I'm just looking for a logo right now but will eventually be looking to update all the graphics to be a bit more professional.

  • Ok,

    I would still like to help so contact me for quotes



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