Looking for artist and developer for an inspired project

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  • Hey guys,

    I was inspired to post this here. I have a small project in mind. This is not about a game but about a small app of sorts (for handheld devices), which will soon contribute to people's lives and make the world a better place.

    Financially, it would be ideal if you could work for free on this project, and when we start getting sales, you'll get some money for every sale made. As I said this is a small project, so the first version should be out soon enough after we get together and start working on this.

    PM me if your heart tells you so and let's take it from there.


  • i'm a software developer, i don't use C2 for apps, but do native apps for ios & android.

    if you're interested and already found an artist, contact me privately with more details

  • Hi, and thanks!

    I already found someone for development.

    Still looking for an artist. PM me if you're an artist and your heart tells you it's a good idea to join this project.


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  • This... sounds like it could be interesting. I made my profile here for this forum so I don't have the necessary rep to send PM's.

    Contact me at and we'll talk. My style is more pixel art, but I might still be able to help with this, depending on what exactly it is.

    Oh, whoops. Doesn't look like they allow emails in text either. Just send a message (my user name, separated by a '_') + (at symbol) + (yahoo.com)

    Or, to simplify things, I could try emailing you if you give me your address.

  • You can contact me as well if you like. i'm always interested in cool projects.

  • Ahh yeah, if you want to see my latest work, just search for "Hooray Heroes" here on the board. If you email me, i can show you a lot more:-P

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