Looking for 2D Graphists buddy to chill on Construct 2

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  • Hello there,

    I give up, I cannot make any good graphics... But I can almost do anything I want on Construct 2!

    So hey, I am looking for a partner to create (any) games.

    I have many projects, but alone, I cannot make it looks good for other than programer And I don't want just make games, I want publish them if possible.

    I don't get money making game, so it is not paid job...

    If you are interested just send me a pm!

    See ya !

  • Hey! I'm interested.

    I'm sort of new here so I can't send PMs yet.

    I think I'm good enough with graphics but I know nothing about programming.

    I want to improve my art and that means a lot of practice, so, I think the best way is with some new projects!

    Feel free to take a look at my gallery (www . reploid . deviantart . com) and please contact me If you wold like to make some projects with me :3

  • Hey, can we team up and produce a couple of casino apps for a proof of concept project I am working on?


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  • Hello!

    Thanks for reply! I will send you a private message very soon !

    Oh and... Sorry, I am so much not into casino game... sorry

  • Thanks for answer me orugari !

    I still new in the forum, I cannot send PM yet.

    Do you have skype or some way to get in contact with me, please let me know by PM.

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