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  • Currently, my game development team is looking for an artist for our platformer game. We have 2 programmers and 1 Composer at the moment, but our art skills are seriously lacking. The art style we are looking for is sort of like in the game Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but without the pixelation. We would be looking for quite a few backgrounds, enemies, a character model, a few npc models, weapons, and other miscellaneous assets. You will be paid, but as we don't have much money at the moment, you would be paid in revenue once the game launches. Please PM me if you're interested! Also disregard my low level, I do understand that it is low, but I spend most my time with the game instead of building rep. Alright my game is a platformer that mixes parkour and fighting into a nice blend for enjoyment for the player. The game play is going to involve puzzles and interesting other things to do. It has a lot of work put into it so far, we just can't draw. So thank you for all who are interested.

    What's Done:

    Ranged Combat - Bow and arrow, Dual Pistols, Boomerang, Cards (Magical Cards, Random chance with random effects) (All Done)

    Parkour - Wallrun Vertically/Walljump, Sliding, Crawling, Ledge Grab, Swinging on pole <- Almost done working out kinks.

    Melee Combat- (Note I do not have personal edition and my input system cant fit together with the limit I'm being given. I'll get it real soon so it's not all final but it's transferable and small edits can be made to make it fit perfectly) Rapier, Bo Staff

    Unarmed Combat- Punching

    Music- Forest Related


    What's Needed To Be Done:


    Melee Combat - 2h Sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Swords

    Unarmed Combat- Other Combos

    AI - Enemies, Bosses, NPCs

    Story/Script - 9% (Is done)

    Enviornment - By this of course the Artist has to draw it, but the game enviornment we have to lay out, that makes it more interesting.

    Puzzles - So the game doesn't get stale, we want the player to partake in puzzles to solve to get through here and there.



    Concept of the game:

    The game is called Cliche, the story itself is also a Cliche! We were spending months thinking about what the games story is going to be based off of when someone mention a Cliche storyline so instead we decided to call it that, and make most things about it a cliche. (Of course the combat and other things aren't so not everything is) We wanted to give everybody the cliches they hate and love on purpose in a game you can just pick up and have fun with. As I mentioned earlier, we do want a sort of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World sort of art (Except a little bit less pixels), the art style will change drastically at points, as to make it erie or happy. We hope to hear from anyone who's interested.

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  • So this is a revenue-share and not a paid job, if that is the case, please don't put paid in the title, you are misleading people

  • I have to agree with Whiteclaws, the title is misleading. But it might be best to show your current work- in -progress to build interest.

    An artist might like your idea and decide to join your group.

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