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  • Little job ($10)


    Job is simple:

    i need tiles movable like this

    here i placing "1" to it place

    The same way (by my game condition) must be placed

    all tiles. (from 1 to 39)

    But at this moment something wrong, i can move only three tiles.

    here capx

  • You forgot to switch the "GridX" and "GridY" instance variables when a tile is selected:

    <img src="" border="0">


    Assuming this is what you're looking for, give the money to a nonprofit charity. If you're using paypal, it should be easy to donate.

  • zatyka

    it made trick. but after some motions digit "1" not movable again, i don't know how to fix this bug

    Any suggestions please!

  • A stupid error on my part. It should be fixed. Also, I fixed the issue with diagonal tiles being switchable:


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  • zatyka

    Yeeeees! Thank you!

    I tested, now it's working, so please write you paypal address.

    Or do you really wants me to donate money for charity?

    And last question, how to increase movement speed?

  • Yep, give it to Charity.

    You're handling tile movement with the following events:

    <img src="" border="0">

    You're moving the selected tile 1 pixel per tick horizontally/vertically in the appropriate direction while its position does not equal its Destination. This method is problematic for moving/stopping tiles for 2 reasons:

    • It's framerate dependant
    • You would need to use inefficient methods to increase the speed

    If you were to continue with this movement method, the easiest way to have the tiles move faster would be to repeat these events multiple times in a loop. For example, if you looped through the above events 3 times per tick, each tile would move 3 pixels per tick. There are other more efficient methods for movement that are also frame rate independent. Here's one method: capx

    There are even better ways to handle this type of movement, but other parts of your game would need to be reworked. Another option would be to use rexrainbow's "moveto" behavior. It makes movement like this very easy, however it's always good to know how to do it yourself. I'd also recommend looking into Ashley's tutorial on frame rate independence and dt.

  • zatyka

    Thank you for useful explanation.

    It works fast and perfect!!!

    I donated to American Cancer Society

    here is screenshot

  • zatyka i PMed you

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