Little Composers needs intermediate freelance programmers!

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    What a great community C2 has! I got four quality replies, including a late submission posted after this update/notice and have contacted them all.

    The post bellow has generated some amazing talent.

    I have everything and everyone I need now and we are already working on some very exciting stuff.

    I am very excited to show the fruits of our labour soon and even more excited to provide amazing educational apps for creative children.

    // Original post bellow


    after evaluating C2 for a few days, I have decided to stop developing Flash apps and move everything to C2 to produce HTML5 based learning apps for

    I spend most of my time recording/editing audio or working on new YouTube videos and therefore would be open to taking on a few freelance programmers who know how to optimize the logic part of the apps.

    If you have a C2 license and an interest in working on children's programs please get in touch with me.

    You can do this ether at the site via the contact form or private msg me.

    If you have questions, and I assume you do, please post them bellow.

    This is a low key gig, no stress, no pressure .... just some creative fun that pays some money via PayPal.

    Please think it over and if you want to give it a try, then we should talk about it.



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