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  • Building a game that you might actually release?

    Have a indie game studio?

    Artist looking for a better way to showcase your work?

    Want a site to host your game or demo without having annoying third party ads?

    I'm a Construct user and been in this community for a few years so I hope this post doesn't get removed as irrelevant. The reason I believe it is relevant is the Construct/Scirra community is a community of creative people—programmers, artists, game developers. So while this isn't necessarily directly relevant to the Construct program it is to the community. I want to do something to help out some people in this community as I know for a lot of people the art or game development is a side gig or hobby, and can't put a lot of resources into this (time, money), but still have a ton of passion for it.

    So what you get for $75:

    • Domain Name — costs me $12 off the top. ( .com or other non-premium or can pay the difference)
    • Hosting for a year — costs me nothing as I have unlimited but would typically cost you $20/month if you bought yourself
    • Custom built website, from me, to try and match the style of your game, art, studio, or you.

    Why so cheap?

    Normally my target price for creating a business's website is $2,000 plus $100/month for hosting & updates. But I know that is unrealistic for hobbyists, side gigs, and startups. But at $75 I'm not losing money, just time. I'm willing to give a bit of my time to help out people in this community and showcase some people's creativity. I do websites. I love video games. I advocate for startups/entrepreneurship/small businesses. So was looking for a way to "give back" or help others out in the areas that I love.

    So some more ideas, details or rough guidelines about website possibilities:

    • One long page or a few short ones following similar design/layout theme
    • Can host/embed your construct project (play on website)
    • Showcase as much art, images, assets as you'd like
    • Links to Social Media Accounts
    • Embedded relevant YouTube or Vimeo Videos
    • Embedded social media posts (ie latest tweet)
    • Contact form
    • Sign up form (newsletter)

    What this does not include:

    • Updates. This is one and done deal, static website for a year. If updates needed can negotiate
    • Blog. (can link to Scirra Forum to substitute as gamedev log or embed social media frame that displays your latest tweets/fb posts/etc)
    • CMS

    Things you would need to provide:

    • Any images you would want to show. Artwork, assets, animated gifs of gameplay, etc.
    • URLs of any Vimeo or YouTube videos you want to embed (must be yours)
    • At least a rough outline of the sections of content you want
    • Exact text for descriptions, headlines, etc.

    If something is unclear respond here and I will clarify.

    If you are definitely interested you can e-mail me at Chris (don't know how frequently I will be checking back here)

    Here are some links of mine:

    • Lou Bagel Having fun with ridiculous animations until I create some content
    • Lou Bagel Intro More fun with ridiculous animations as an intro to the Lou Bagel Website
    • Survive The Night More serious idea of what a website for a game could look like
    • BadMoodTaylor My temporary web dev website, created in a few days just to get something up.
    • VideosByPat An actual business's website that I created recently, since all of the other links are small one page websites
    • ArtByPat Art gallery for VideosByPat. Creative way we found to display paintings

    Please note this is limited time offer. There is no time frame so feel free to inquire but more along the lines of if I get busy I won't be doing any more of this deal. I also won't be working with anything inappropriate or insensitive. Right to refuse anyone or change terms. Serious inquiries only.

    Hope I didn't come across sales-y or scam-y. I hope to work with some passionate people and make some creative websites. I love doing that!

  • Nice idea. Creating a game is pretty hard, having to deal with setting up a website really complicates things.

    Good luck.

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  • Nice idea. Creating a game is pretty hard, having to deal with setting up a website really complicates things.

    Good luck.

    Yes, you are correct! Creating a game takes a ton of work and usually a few years. You have to focus on it to make a good game, or just to get it done. I've heard a lot of stories of good games that got completed but didn't get great sales because of no marketing or not starting soon enough. So just like I do with my web design for businesses I try to let the owner focus on the business and not have to carry the full burden of marketing and web design at the same time.

    But for this, I'm really just looking to make a few cool, fun websites, since most business websites are serious, and give a few people that nice feeling of having their own personal and personalized custom website showcasing their work. I like being creative so hopefully I get a few people with clever, fun ways to showcase their stuff!

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