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  • Hi All,

    We are a new start up and are looking for games developers to provide us with multi-touch table top games.

    You would need to integrate our API which will be provided at a later stage.

    The games shall be played by 8 players on a 42”,48” table top multi-touch screen.

    We are looking for very simple yet challenging games for the players to play against each other.

    The graphics need to be good(cartoonish and rich in colour)

    As I am new to this forum, I can't post links to the sample games. Please contact me for game examples.

    There will be upfront payment and as mentioned it is a long term working partnership there will be recurring payment as well.

    If you are interested please PM me with the following information:

    Company Name:

    Contact person:

    Contact person’s contact(email or skype):

    Example of past finished games:

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  • Good luck with your start-up. It sounds like a great idea. I'm surprised no one has done it, yet. I've been looking for a system like this for years.

  • Thanks Terrancd. When the system is up, I will send you a link for your feedback.

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