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Mouse cursor is something that the player controls and sees all the time, that's why it is so important to make it cool!
  • Hey guys, just gonna throw this out there, I a professional musician, and audio engineer, and if you need music and sound FX, email me at tylerosgoodmusicjzn@gmail.com. My goal is to be apart of the BEST indie game projects, and to make the best music for them. You project is precious to you and therefore is to me. So lets make something that will leave a mark.

    We all want to make our living doing what we love, and letting someone else handle the HUGE task of writing the music, and hand crafting the sounds for your game lets you focus on the more important task - making the game! I work quickly and provide options for you to choose from.

    Check out some of my stuff, soundcloud.com/a-i-tyler

    Talk to you soon.

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