Knight Magnus looking for a Wizard of Code (paid)

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    I'm have started a little side project, next to another game I am working on, and I'm looking for someone with experience in Construct 2 to help me.

    The project is a small game for kids, based on a story around the small knight Magnus.

    The idea is this: Magnus is laying in the grass staring at the clouds, and in his imagination, he sees the clouds take on the shape of all kinds of monsters and dragons. The cloudy monsters descend and become real (in his imagination) and Magnus fights them.

    Every time a monster is defeated, it drifts apart into wisps of fog, and another monster descends from the clouds..

    The game mechanics are based on the old Wonderboy games.

    If you are interested, I can pay you a small sum and give credits. Revenue sharing is also possible. I don't expect the work to be more than a few hours, as the game is really quite casual.

    But I do have a larger story around Magnus, which can also be made into a game and this game could be a teaser for that.

    Here's an image of the game. I use free stock assets for now, but I think they look very nice. I got them here:



    Thanks for the replies. I have found what I was looking for. If a moderator could close this thread now, thanks!

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    Locked as per OP request


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