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  • Hi all,i'm at the point in my game where looking up tutorials is not helping me looking to get a price from a pro to do some work on my tower defence game.

    I'm looking for a 3 star system to be set up for my game for all levels,storing multiple values in a local storage is something i'm really struggling included in the game.

    just to be clear if level 1 >= 4 waves then that's one star, 7 waves = 2 stars, 10 waves = 3 stars.

    If you leave a email i will contact you about a price



  • I would suggest you to spend some more time on construct 3.It is very easy.

    But still if you want to buy the source code then go to But there is a small problem.That code will be available to all buyers.This means that you will have to tweak the source code so that the game looks little different.Otherwise your game will be exactly ideal to other games made using same source code.

    If you want a source code specially designed for you then it would be very expensive(and somewhat is almost impossible :- just think,won't the developer simply use it to launch game on app store and generate more money)

    So the best option is What you want is available there(I have seen it).

  • this is a pretty simple task if you're already dealing with Construct programming yourself. All you really need is an array to store the values, and local storage to save and load the values when necessary.

    Certainly not something worth spending money on if you're already programming.

  • I would suggest you to get this template suits on your need

  • Thanks,I'll try it again,i tried already and failed because,I cant find a suitable tutorial,but I'll try again.

  • If you have a job offer, do post it in the dedicated Job offer forum.

  • Ok no prob.

  • Hello,

    I am interested on this.

    You can reach me on skype (sofia_6831) or email me on . So that we can have a further discussion about the same.



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  • Thanks I'll contact you

  • Hi,

    I could be of help.

    Kindly drop me a message at


  • Thanks everyone,for now I have hired someone awesome to bring my game to the next level,if I'm in need in the future I will post here,keep an eye out for "Crazy Wars TD"

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