[Job offer] Need a dev for a "character barebone"

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  • Hi!

    Im seeking a dev for, let me shorten it up: a character "barebone". Means: I need a universal "character-template" which can be costumized by the player by given tags, such as: if attackrange=X, then the final character needs to be X pixels away from the target to attack. Or things like costumizable attributes (if character buys skill XY in shop, then highen its attack/lower cooldown, etc.).

    I roughly know how to achieve this, but it would be great to get a "well coded" template for that (regarding performance and stuff).

    All characters, which are created out of this template every round, are beeing controlled by players (sidescroller, versus game) - so no AI (or basic elements to enable it) is needed.

    Does someone can PM me with details - or got a simple tutorial for this? This seems the best way (for me) to achieve a character selection with less code (to name some gamed: Leagues of Legends, World of Warcraft or any other game where a character meets different classes... dont want to write the whole code for every possible character... taking a "template system"would be a better deal ;D).

    Best regards,


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  • There is no such thing as a Universal template because that template has to be designed to fit the components and play of the game.

    The basic events can be set easily enough but when you start getting into adding conditions affecting characters that is game specific.

    I would look in the Scirra store for a template similar to what you want and adapt it to your specific needs.

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