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  • Hi all,

    I need help to create something like the images below. This prototype will be based on the game Flow Free, where you need to connect the blocks with the same color by dragging it.

    • All the spaces must be filled (this is an option I can switch ON/OFF to make it easy or difficult)
    • The levels will have different sizes as the player progress. For example, on the first level it will be 5x5 blocks but it will increase to 10x10 by level 50 for example.

    Send me PM or email jogosgratispro at gmail if you are interested

  • Sounds easy enough...

    How much help do you need?

  • I need someone to create what is in the images. I have nothing.

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  • If it's tilemap based you'll need a texture that has all the different tiles.

    My guess is about 7 variations per color.

    Double that with endpoints.

  • I need someone to create what is in the images. I have nothing.

    Well, the reason I ask is, you're offering $10 for help. If you have nothing, as you say, it sounds a lot like you're trying to get someone to make you an entire game for $10..

    ...and then I looked at your website and scirra store stuff.. not gonna lie, didn't get the best impression.

    If you're not asking for an entire game, perhaps you should start on it first, and then ask for help. or, at the very least, you could be more specific about what it is you want done...

  • spacedoubt

    No. I don't need the whole game. I just need the logic on connecting the dots.

    In fact, I have found it for free here in this forum. You can see it here:

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