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  • Hi I?m hiring a good game developer in construct2,html5 and javascript, is important move to work in Mallorca island, for the vancants please send us a link where we can see some of your projects and skills and according that we will send the job offer.

    We start developing Java games 9 years ago and we would like open a new staff just for Contuct2 , we wait your mails to

    Thanks you.   <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I wish, I had the qualifications for such a job at this time :D the place looks wonderful.

    However, you might want to post your company webpage to know what games your company has been doing for 9 years.

    I'd so move there for a career, location and making games :D.... however, I have no professional experience or finished game :D good luck though :)

  • Hi sure we have more than 150 games live and more that have been obsoleted those are not on the website you can take a look at

    or look for me on linkedin


    Gabriel Muntaner

  • spiritu this looks like a great position! I'll be looking forward to seeing the games you make in your transition to Construct 2.

  • at the bottom you can see a link showing a small fraction of what i can do I have experience with html & java script that is what I did before I found out about c2 I can get the game made and I can think outside the box for game features


    I don't have a email but my dad does so could you contact me using the scirra private messenger

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  • Howdy-- as far as " move to Mallorca island" goes-- no can do Baby. However-- if ya'll can get Skype or Google Video-chat-- we can work together just like we're sitting in the same room together. If this works for you-- shoot me a message &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

  • This sounds quit interesting. But I have to stay longer in my actual company. How long will this offer be open ?

  • Mail send :)

  • We are looking for more C2 developers, is important javascript and html5 skills, please send us some links to see your skills! THanks

  • is this still open?

  • Yes we are open!   thanks

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