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    Hi all,

    If you have selected this post then you undoubtedly are the kind of team member we are looking for. We are a team of ex-students who like many others are looking to get into the industry, however we learnt a long time ago to the key fundamentals for even getting an interview: Great portfolios and work experience. Here at ragingdemonstudios we offer just that, a chance to work in a team of talent designers who are specialist in areas that you may lack or have no intention of learning to achieve an end project.

    What we are doing?

    Currently we are developing a 2D puzzle platformer using 3D assets to create a more professional feel to the product. More details about the game can be discussed if further interest, but we essential want a nice polished professional looking demo, that we can all have on our portfolios and if really successful, start to work towards steam greenlight.

    Team so far?

    Currently we are a team of 5, with no obligation to work full time on the project, as like myself, other members of the team have full-time jobs that they must attend. Our current team roles are: Games Designer/Artist, Environmental Artist, Level Designer, Character Artist and Programmer/level designer. The programmer and myself originally started this project late May, recruiting members via LinkedIn or other connections. We are based in London, with one member based in Scotland.

    Our Process

    So we work in one week sprints in an agile environment. Our team meetings via Skype are on Sundays at 8pm (local time) and it is here that we discuss what we have done, what we plan to do and any other thoughts about the game. We like to keep a relaxed environment, but do expect work each week as we are all a team working towards the same goal. A few of us have had/still have experience in the industry and therefore we add and explain processes and methodology that can be used on your CV and talked about during interviews.

    What Roles we need?

    If you think you can bring something to the team then please get in contact with us, you can email me at:

    Roles that we currently need:

    • 3D Animator
    • 2D Concept Artist

    Desired extra roles:

    • 3D Character Artist
    • GUI/UI Artist
    • Construct 2 Programmer

    Remember this is an unpaid role, but if you are interested and want a nice polished game on your CV then please get in contact for more details. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Team Raging Demon.

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  • Hay My name is Tyler I am actually in school for game art and design. I have been teaching myself how to program and have gotten into using construct 2 to program games as well. I am not a very good artiest but I have some great ideas and I do love to program or at least what I have done so far I have loved. I am very interested in joining your team and I am a hard worker and a good listener. if you want to get hold of me just email me cuz I dont really look at the forums that often. my email is . I dont like my emails name I made it a long time ago.

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