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  • Hello,

    I work in both Minecraft and Construct 2. I would love to have the ability to communicate between the 2.

    I think this could be done with MySQL (I'd be using Skript) But as long as I could send commands to Minecraft, and run a command to send data back, I could take it from there.

    Any one out there have some experience, that could give me a quote?



  • My only experience in this field would lead to a server that parses PHP that runs C++ code to take control of the game. But, that'd take a LONG time to implement.

  • Take control of the game?

    I'm saying on a plugins level, although that would also be pretty sweet, but less uses for me.

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  • This would be fairly easy to do, id be happy to give out a few ideas better suited but a fairly general way to do it would be to setup a PHP API

    so in construct you would do a GET request to " hello there!"

    The php script would then save the command to a mysql database

    Your script would then (using skUtilities) do a get request to "" (This would output "say hello there!") and return it to your skript where you would simply run whatever you got back as an command or do error checking

    This would make it possible for you to do commands directly or interact in other ways (You could use this for any data transfer between your server, website and construct 2 programs)

    Now there are other ways to do this but no matter how you do this you need to include some sort of authentication to ensure only your application can send commands to the server!

    Id be happy to talk more on this and possibly help you code it in if you are unfamiliar with php

    Contact info:

    steam: kentbakk



  • If anyone else is wondering how this turned out....

    Kent did an AMAZING job of setting up exactly what I needed. (PHP To access a MySQL database) Super fast to work with, and great documentation and bug fixes.

    I would highly recommend him if your need some back-end work done. He is a rare breed of dev, with lightning fast, quality code.

    Thanks Kent!

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