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  • Hi all,

    I am having an issue with installing my app on my ipad, not sure what I have done wrong. I have spent several hours trying to get it to work but am still stuck with the same problem. The app exports to both intel xdk or phonegap build, successfully, and then uploads and builds them but when I install the app on my ipad it does not work.

    The app simply says 'installing' and will not install properly or work.

    I am wanting to get this app working as soon as possible, as I want to upload it to iTunes. I have successfully uploaded 3 apps to iTunes, so I am not sure what I have done wrong here.

    If you are able to help me fix this issue, I will pay you $20.

    my skype id is adam.weber247 if you would prefer to communicate via skype.

    Thanks .

  • Try using the iPhone Configuration Utility.

    It's no longer supported by Apple, but it's really quick and easy to push IPAs to your test device, as well as examining provisioning profiles etc. Its more developer oriented than iTunes, and it runs in Windows. ... 69175.html

  • Thanks for that aquinn,

    I magaged to install the app on my iPad, I assumed that the issue I was having was the same as the Apple store reviewers, but it was not. It was differrent problems. However, I still can't get the app too launch.

    If someone can help me out that would be greatly appreciated it:

    this is the .capx to a barebones version of my game, if you get it working on an iOS device and then instruct me to get it working and it does work, then I will pay you. ... sp=sharing

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  • I had a quick look...try removing the 'Flurry' and 'Alpha Threshold' objects from your project and see if it will run.

  • Thanks for your help!

    I managed to find it. It's a bug with C2 'preload sounds' setting it to 'No' the app works fine.

    Took a long time to find that, but will report that to Ashley and the C2 team.

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