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    Serious offers only please.

    I am a visual artist for hire, this is my pet project I would like to see go somewhere.

  • I'm in need of an artist.

    Currently in the process of fleshing out design for a hex based game.

    Based on your blog entries and art, we share much of the same tastes.

    What are your rates, licensing terms, and most importantly your availability (hours per week)?

  • Hello bcourtney,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am fine doing work at a flat rate until we see if my work is a good fit for your project, if things go well we can discuss licensing terms and re evaluate things.

    I do carpentry and custom remodels as they come, most winters are very slow, so lately I have 45-80 hours a week to spend drawing. As the summer progresses that might drop to 20-30.

    I charge a flat $10/hr, since I consider myself a hobbyist at this point, and only use my skills to supplement my income. If I spend too long on something I feel a pro full time visual artist would breeze through, you will not be billed for the extra time.


  • Nasturtium: Just wanted to wish you good luck! I'm a fellow turnbased strategy fan. So far no game has exceeded the original 2 X-Com games or the Civilization series for me. I don't know Korsun Pocket. I really liked Master of Magic (feels like Civ I + Magic the Gathering) and Age of Wonders series, which is heavily inspired by it.

  • Thank you for your kind words =) I don't really have any illusions on what it would take to make this game happen, I just have always wanted to play a game like it, and hope to get some work as a visual artist for a small game company sometime in the future.

  • Nasturtium , Hey ! I saw your post of TIGSource forum , I must tell you to try your way with SC2 , then if you can't get to a good state , ask someone to help , this engine is extremely easy to use !

    That is some really outstanding art you got there , I would love to work with you but my own projects are on the lead ...

    Don't ask someone to do something for you unless you can't do it by yourself and you tried yourself , a lot of the low rep people around here just started using SC2 so be aware of amateurs ...

    Good luck on your journey ! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks, sounds like great advice! I am not married to this project specifically, I mostly posted it here as an example of what I can do visually, I am looking for part or full time work as a visual artist, as stated in my OP.

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  • hello fellow TBS fans, I am doing what Whiteclaws suggested a few weeks ago and I am building my own game since then. I was part of a modding group that made a client for in 2011 and was responsible for the pixelart graphics btw, so I think my interests are very similar to Nasturtium�s taste in strategy games. Since there was comments about the current lack of quality in TBS titles I suggest to check out Panzercorps by Slitherine, it is the best actual title on the market. Also keep an eye out for Xenonauts, a true crowdfunded remake of the old and unmatched XCOM games soon to be released.

    regarding whiteclaw�s suggestion of making your own game rather than contributing to someone else�s project, here is my personal experiences so far:

    At this point I must say there is always some hassle as one needs to figure out how things are done with the graphical interface in C2, and even if you are a bit familiar with scripting languages (like actionscript in my case) you get stuck on a regular basis. In my case its mostly the order or scope of events, why is there no data passed from somewhere else, why is the order of events working in this case and not in the other, why is the array here not populated yet and somewhere else it is and stuff like that. I spend hours of reading tutorials, forums entries, the manual, still sometimes you cant get further and are dependent on pro help in the forums as the last way out. That is mainly because code for TBS games is more complex than lets say for a jump&run game. The C2 community is very helpfull though, I�d suggest if you encounter problems to isolate the thing not working in a separate capx file, people are usually more willing to help if the code sheet is short and cleansed from things that work and have nothing to do with the problem.

    My biggest hindrance usually is that I want too many features in my game and become inpatient when I can�t get past one essential point for days and start making graphics instead of dealing with the joyless bug hunting part. I often lost interest in going on. Surprisingly if one gets back to work, one can figure out & solve the problem sometime in minutes or just try something new and solve it by accident.

    I wish the best luck with your efforts, we definitely need some working TBS made by C2!

  • And don't forget to ask for our help if you are blocked ...

    Also , Ask for a portfolio and go for collabs ...

  • Quick update:

    I teamed up with a an awesome experienced game dev, Gavin

    He has taught me a ton about organization in game development, and given me some confidence going forward.

    I have been working on and finishing various animations though spine, tiles and sprites, as well as some larger assets for websites and such. After a few weeks working with Gavin we have come to the conclusion that for the game to be as good as it can we need to bring in a few more people, so now I am compiling a list of people with experience who have expressed interest to include in this team.

    C@ might not be the way to go here, judging from the responses of people I have so far come in contact with.

    If you are interested e-mail me at I appreciate all the positive advice and feedback displayed in this thread so far. Cheers! -Kyle

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