Inernational Developers Wanted for OUYA game

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  • SU: Inernational Developers Wanted for OUYA game

    Up to USD $50,000 for grabs, and I want to help.


    Unfortunately, not at this time. We launched the fund to support Kickstarter projects given the great experience we had on the crowd-funding platform, so you'll need to meet Kickstarter's requirements. They've mentioned that Canada will be eligible in the near future. You can check out the latest details here."

    You can read the offer here yourself...

    Here's the offer, I have a kickstarter account, I have a international tax expert, and I want help anyone who is not in the UK or US compete for the prize money.

    My motivation is simple, I want to help some people get a game funded and I want to make a name for myself.

    We will split initial money for individual needs costs: "food, rent, etc." and have joint profit share (i.e. ownership of the games intellectual profit and any money made from the game will be split accordingly). Owners of the game's IP retain the right to sell their share of the game after a year that the game is published.

    To be Kickstarter complaint, we need to form a creative group where I will be the Project Manager; meaning, I will be responsible for corrspondence and meetings goals. Also, dealing with differnet people after we launch.

    If you have an idea, or just want to work on a team and develop a game send me a message here or email me at Please include portfillo links and or prototype links on sites like C2 or Kongragate.

  • Such services do not warrant half the funding. Maybe 5%.

    C2 can't really export to OUYA right now.

  • Not sure about the first point.

    I was under the impression since C2 can be placed on the Andriod OS, and that OUYA runs on Andriod that it could be ported to OUYA?

  • Check out Sticky Sticky, I'm not sure if it's donein C2, but it is a HTML tech game on the Ouya.

    The details is that there are no fantastic HTML wrappers for Ouya. CJS is still a wait to come, but there are a few people who have created some stop gaps in the mean time. They arnt performance great though, but good enough to run.

    However, any game starting now would probably be ready for CJS and Ouya by time it's done.

    I thought about applying for the same freegamesfund myself. but I need to finish my current Ouya game right now. Which is probably another month or 2(crossing fingers) by time it's done. I hope the funding will still be up. I want to create a scifi Multiplayer dynamic QTE fighting game. :D

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  • I thought you needed to first of all make 50k before ouya gives you an extra 50k.

    Do you really have an idea for a game that will make over 50k using C2?

  • jayderyu, Thanks man... I also realize now why Unity users have issues porting in and out of C2.

    Discmach and

    Sadly, I give away to much good advice for free as I still have a huge college debt for my business masters, but heck why not.

    1.) $50,000 may be impossible, so we use that as a strectch goal. Meaning, we can tell the kickstarter peeps that year we hit $50,000 and would get help from OUYA to make the game even better.

    2.) This means we should plan a smaller budgetted game around $5,000-10,000 to take care of 2-4 months of development time. This estimation excludes day-jobs :/ Again, more moeny better game in raltion to time developement. For example 1-4 levels vs 1-20 levels and so on. Or, even going as far as purchasing Unity Pro and leaving C2 for the development team if need be.

    3.) Game IPs that were already made I am more interested in, and that the budget would help further develop the game. Kind of like "Infector"

    4.) Oringal ideas I wouldn't want to post publically, and if I did give a light pitch, if the game had never been published I would ask for NDA from anyone to protect everyone.

    Hmm, given the port issues, we may be looking at another realted project to develop a better portter, but we need stronger coder on the team, or put the cost of one into the kickstarter total. Know anyone?

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