Indie development - [Paid work] (2nd Update)

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    I've been working on a project for 4 months, have a prototype lined up and I'm part way through setting up on Kickstarter.

    The game is called "PSYBLOCKS". A puzzle platformer.

    Aim to have the Kickstarter started within the next month.

    Game finish about sept/oct later this year.

    To this date I have done this all on my own and I'm starting to feel a bit swamped with the work this Kickstarter is going to entail as well as the task of completing the game generally.

    What I am in need of is this: (None of these are necessary but will greatly improve chances of me considering you.)

    Experience with Kickstarter

    Sound designer/composer I would need a single song for the Kickstarter video. For the game, I'd need a few samples/loops.

    Video editor To help make the gameplay sequence in Kickstarter trailer.

    I need someone to fit each role.

    For work with me I can give full credits on the Kickstarter page itself, credits in-game.

    I'm going to aim for a Kickstarter goal of 22k USD.

    And I am willing to negotiate percentages on the final Kickstarter total after tax as payment and I'm willing to pay UPFRONT if needs be for some work.

    Any questions please post or pm.

    In-game shot and concept art.

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  • I've had two responses so far, anyone else? Don't hesitate :)

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  • Hi there, I don't have enough "rep" on this website to PM you.

    I check this website daily yet have never signed up.

    Anyway, I'm a composer from Sydney, Australia and would love to write music for your game.

    You can check my showreel here:

    Please email me at

    Would love to talk more in-depth regarding this project. :)



  • Most recent update - I'm in need of a video editor who can create a trailer out of gameplay footage I supply.

    PM me :)

  • Discmach,

    I've been conducting a study for the last couple months into the factors effecting Kickstarter success, and it's been suggested to me by some of the project creators I've talked to that I should consider providing professional consulting services for indie developers.

    I'm writing an informal blog-style Kickstarter Tutorial for the Scirra website, which might turn into one in a series of such tutorials, entitled "The Top 5 Secrets of Highly Funded Kickstarters." I'm covering DLC/DRM/Exclusive Content, how not to be hated on third-party forums, planning and structuring rewards, and others.

    These are by no means the *only* factors that count (I've identified 74 individual factors in 7 categories), nor even the overall most crucial (structuring and pacing the campaign, immediate backer/inquiry feedback, etc.), but I've selected what I believe are the five most important ones which are under-reported or not yet covered. Proper reward structure, however, is one of those truly critical factors and is both more complicated than one might expect and easy to make errors in.

    Even a lot of successful campaigns might have been able to do even better if only they'd more effectively incentivized and balanced their reward tiers (something Ashley and Tom have had to think about very carefully as they gamified the Scirra website, for example). What are you truly incentivizing versus your intent?

    You mentioned feeling overwhelmed, and maybe putting together a solid game plan and clearly laying out what precisely needs to be done would help. If you're interested, maybe we could talk more about how exactly I might be able strengthen your project and/or directly support you.

    While I've participated (and quite closely, in certain cases) in a number of campaigns, I've never actually managed or directly consulted on one. If it turns out that you think I'd be an asset to your project, I think we can arrange some quite favorable terms to reflect my fledgling status. I'd be happy to discuss my personal qualifications privately and send you my real-life resume and references so you can know and be confident with whom you're dealing.

  • Pm'd

  • If you need further help in development, feel free to reach me out anytime :) or here - for reference.

    All the best with kickstarter.

    Talk to datboidrew and may be take some inputs... he's recently successfully closed KS funding for "Super Ubi Land"

    Ahem, I'm also one of the contributors on KS to superubi.. just love the game :D

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