Indie dev duo looking for volunteer QA people and general fans

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  • Hello!

    I have started for a while, a game project with me and a friend, using Construct 2 (for testing purposes, more bellow). We have gained a pretty good following on our Discord server, and with that said, I am looking for volunteer QA people, as well as people who would love to join in on the talks of this game.

    It's a 2-D Flash art side scroller shooter, which was inspired by my ideas about a world in conflict, and other factors described in the Discord. In addition, this game is Made In America, so expect American-Style customer service, and more! Americans for generations have stood by their vow to provide the best products, at low prices, with exceptionally outstanding community and customer interactions. Feels good, don't it?

    Side Note: New things are always being added in our Discord server. Hop in and tune into the talks! You won't regret it!

    QA Job Description:

    • Provide feedback to developers as you play.
    • Find bugs and other bad garbage that must be... terminated.

    QA benefits under me:

    • Free copy of the game via Steam key.
    • Free access to Alpha and Beta Game Design Documents

    And more!

    We welcome you with open arms fellow gamer/developer. See you on the team, or just a person in the Discord.

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