Im looking C2 developers who live in Latin America

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    I would like to form a team to participate the contest, if you live in Latin America what we will do a better game, I have enough experience in handling Construct 2, I am a front end developer for websites and do graphic design as pixel art , animation and others. I will have a standard license that they will give me one after the contest from HBGames. What I am looking for some people if they have a passion to create innovative games. Send me PM if you are interested.

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  • PM sent.

  • I like to participate reside in Latin america

    but I see one o two problems

    one is How can export the game to Android (cooconjs cloud not avalaible now)

    and the other is the minimun system requirement:

    Android ver. 2.2

    The only viable quality exporter for android is concoonjs

    but the minimun suppport if I not have mistake is 2.3 however

    I not remenber well.

    the question how can export at Time for Android if not

    sure when cocoonjs are avalaible.

    The last cocoonjs launcher not work for me now then not sure

    is they have time to fix.

    Sorry By my English

  • They can accept only ONE platform including Web, we may export to iOS if is possible, PM sent to your inbox.

  • I'm don't current live in Latin America but I'm from it.

    I'd really like to part of the team.

  • I'm don't current live in Latin America but I'm from it.

    I'd really like to part of the team.

    Hey, if you would to confirm your participation, please send me a PM.

  • If you design, I can code it.

    join Our Brazilian Community at

    I was doing a game for it:

    But stuck on the scenario design, this spend too much time and I have already a job (civil engineer), so, what I can make is the code, because it's written, and people here will not notice I'm coding a game ^^

    Well, I'm from Curitiba, if you have interest in help, I can show you many, many references and desired scenarios.

    My next Key Stone is make the game playable only with mouse (last time I tried, chrome was with a bug on the mouse detection).

    So, give it a try and let's win that contest!

    Make a topic on IGMBrasil if you want know more about the story behind the game.

    On the introduction I have made a long time ago, before C2 exist,

    A short story about the game:

    (I want make it like a mix of comics and videos)

    The game start showing a meteor colliding with the Earth, the people running away, the Earth becoming a giant ball of steam and lightning.

    *Waking up (in comics, different from the video), the player will explore the scenario and learn where he is;

    After hundreds of years, one guy wake up on the Earth and go to the last day of school. This day he will have a robot battle with his friends.

    After a fast fight, a Tutor saw him and tried to recruit him to be a Cadet.

    Many things here, there, etc..

    After he start his missions, destroying asteroids, saving lost workers out of the metal moon (an antique refuge of the earthlings), etc. He will have the last mission of this type, enter on the earth and explore what's happening behind the huge acid steam.

    On the first try, he and his girlfriend will go together, and the space ship will burn on the entrance, you'll need to play to control the ship and land on a HUGE flying continent, appreciating the scenario, with giant fall of water on the Earth Core, where this water burn, steaming to the stratosphere, realizing giant beams (I mean lightning) of pure energy.

    The forests are all RED, because of the lack of Sun light, and there have many different things to happen, I'll stop here, because of the spoils ^^

    Well, the game will have one continent at first, but will have a sequel of 5 games, with 7 continents, where the player will need to return to the metal moon, where he will discover all the truth behind the facts and a twist on the plot will happen.

    I'm sure it interested you!




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