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  • Hi, I'm the social networks recruiter at Netomedia, an online gaming company.

    I’m hiring good game developers in construct2, html5 and javascript around the globe.

    Please send us your CV or a link where we can see some of your projects and skills and according that we will send the job offer, if you are interested, to

    here is a link to the company's website: Thanks

  • u need more rep to post the links, but il google it, and btw you know most people here don't have a resume to show right?

  • Hi George,

    If you are interested please send your CV or if you don't have it please send a link where we can see some of your projects and skills and according that we will send the job offer. please search "NetoMedia" on google, "netomedia.com"


  • meital check my message.

  • Check my games in my signature down below.

  • please reply with your email address or send me an email to "meital@netomedia.com". Thanks

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  • Can you tell more details about what you are looking for? It is a sporadical job offer for just one game? It is a 1-month / 6-months thing, etc? What kind of games will be done? It is a fixed payment per month/per game? Which amounts? My email is - website with games- duquekarl.com

  • Hi,

    The job is a games development job, and we pay per each game you develop. the payment depends on each game.

    I sent you a message at duquekarl.com. please reply. Thanks

  • Hi meital, can we get some more details? what kind of games do you need developers for? what games have you guys developed so far? as i understand, the position is considered a freelance position? do you also seek in-house developers?

    Before you ask me for my CV as a condition to receive this information, i'll just have to be a little Hatzuf, and tell you that i won't bother to send my CV to a company i don't even have any idea what they are looking for.

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