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    Hi, we're Piplay. We're a small-ish team of three on our final stretch to completing our first commercial game. We're pretty psyched about it. While the team buckles down to finish everything up, we have a trainee that would like to offer his skills here, hopefully for extra income. We're assuming we'll mostly be dealing with facesets here, but we're also open to accepting other graphical requests such as title/game over screens, promotional art and the like. We'll mostly be covering pricing and samples of character art here, but if you'd like to ask us about other things, feel free to post here or shoot us a private message or email. We'd love to hear from you.


    Listed prices are currently only for character/monster art. We're also open to requests for other resources, but prices may vary from piece to piece.

    Bust: 20 USD/cel-shaded, 30 USD/painted

    Full Body: 10 USD/sketch, 30 USD/cel-shaded, 50 USD/Painted

    Additional Expressions: 3 USD

    • Our team normally only convenes during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm +8 GMT), and the guy in charge of watching this thread is only able to communicate with the artist during these hours. Outside of that, updates may come a little slow.
    • For inquiries, just post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able. Otherwise, you may PM us here or e-mail the guy in charge of watching this thread at
    • All payments must be handled through PayPal.
    • Commissions under 20 USD must be paid in full before work begins on any commission. Anything above that, we will request half to be paid before work is started and the rest of it halfway through. We will normally inform you when the second half of payment is expected.
    • We exercise the right to turn down a commission, either because we may not feel comfortable with the deadline, we feel we're not at the skill level required to meet the needs, or if we aren't comfortable with the subject matter.
    • Prices listed above are subject to change depending on the complexity of the subjects requested.
    • We will send you regular progress updates to keep you in the loop. We want to be absolutely sure your commissioned art is to your satisfaction.
    • We do not offer refunds for finished commissions. Should you choose to cancel midway through a request, we can offer a partial refund based on the amount of work already accomplished.
    • Please state if your game is going to be commercial! We don't charge extra for those, so don't worry.
    • For additional character expressions, we charge an additional 2 USD per expresion. This rate may vary depending on the amount of changes to the base artwork necessary.
    • Any commissioned art provided belongs exclusively to our team and the person who commissioned the artwork. No other party is allowed to use any of the materials without the expressed consent of either the team or the commissioner.

    Thanks for reading! If there's anything at all you'd like to ask, feel free to do so. We'd absolutely love to hear from everyone.

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  • I think you should post a link to your portfolio, at least to give interested parties a look into your art style. That should help your project rate I think.

  • Oh man. I could've sworn I put those in. Fixed! I'm very sorry for that.

  • Really beautiful art Piplay! Hope you get some good request soon. Best of luck!

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