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  • I'm Dicky, I got a team who can make Illustration, composing song, and also C2 programmer.

    Although my programmer and composer is indie, our illustrator is experienced one.

    Below is the Example of our Illustrator work.[/code:3q8zlu6n]
    This one is our [b]Composer[/b].
    [b]Sound Cloud[/b] : [code:3q8zlu6n][/code:3q8zlu6n]
    This is our [b]game made using C2
    [/b][b]Itch [/b]: [code:3q8zlu6n][/code:3q8zlu6n]
    Also, this one is our game, though [b]it's not using C2[/b]
    [b]Contact me[/b] if you got work for us. We can also work separately.
    [code:3q8zlu6n]E-mail/Skype : morino.fuka@yahoo(dot)com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook(dot)com/aquatidegenetic
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