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  • I've created a few clones using Construct 2 and thought it would be fun to team up with one or two people to do a 10 hour game jam. Where we literally just spend 10 hours straight creating a game. We could stream it over youtube of us creating the game. As far as game concept or art direction it's all open. Obviously it has to be something simple as it's only 10 hours. So maybe a top down shooter, side scrolling platformer, maybe a digging game. As far as coding within construct I would say my knowledge is intermediate. With photoshop I would say I have an advanced understanding. And with Flash I would say I have a basic understanding. The end game of this is to have fun, learn, and possibly create something cool. As far as releasing it, it will be a free to play web browser game most likely hosted here on Scirra Arcade. If your interested in tagging along on this adventure leave a comment below stating the interest.

  • Interested for sure!

    Does the clock actually start at the beginning of planning stages or only during the 'work' phase?

    Also, is the 10 hours accumulative between all participants total or does everyone get their own 10 hours chunk..?

    I've been looking to join a project, let me know the details and If I make the cut.


  • The clock begins on the work phase. The 10 hours is just a straight 10 hours where both of us will be working on the game simultaneously. Communicating over a google hangout or skype via screen capture and microphone. One person could be setting up event mechanics while another is doing art/animations. As far as the actual game is concerned it can be anything we want. Something original that will take more planning or a clone so we have a easy reference guide. I figured we could live stream the whole thing over youtube. If it's just me and another person we could do 5 hours on my channel, have an intermission and do another 5 on someone elses channel.

  • I'm excited! I'll send you a PM. Hopefully more people join, a good team can pump out something amazing in 10 hours.

  • As of now the game jam team is two people. Looking for a third if anyone wants to help out. Shoot me a message or post here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Hey guys, I am absolutely in if you still need someone.

    I am more focused on the game design and I am trying to find people to set up an Indie team, so this could be even an opportunity for the future.

    I have done already 4 jams and won one for the best video game so I am pretty used to this but only in 30/48 hours, not 10!

    Unfortunately my equipment isn't great at the moment but should be ok for game design purpose.

    I have Spriter and if someone do the art I can try to animate it.


    This is an animation test I made.

    • Sprites created with Photoshop
    • Animated with Spriter
    • Controlled with Construct 2


    By default is starts with the Idle (the monster is still staying and attacking)

    If you left click the mouse it start the moving animation (even here it is attacking while moving)

    Right click and the monster is hit.

    Wheel up and the monster do the proper attack animation.

    Wheel down and the monster goes back at the Idle animation

    Press the wheel and the monster die.

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