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  • Ever played hotline Miami? I feel like making a similar game, pretty much a rip-of, perhaps.

    I call this game Hotline Hawaii. I need some spriter to help me with the Graphics. I normally don't sprite myself. I am truly dedicated to this Project. Right now I am working on the main menu. I have no game as of yet, only an idea.

    The menu has lots of scanlines that interpolate between colors, and it uses that hedgehog guys beat findign thing. pretty sweet.

    I plane on doing all the Music myself.

    Anyone want to make the sprites?

    Features to come:

    Level editor, load custom levels.

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  • I can help with graphics. But first - how to play that game? All I can see is bouncing square with "MASK" on it.

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  • I can help with graphics. But first - how to play that game? All I can see is bouncing square with "MASK" on it.There is no game as of yet. But it's a piece of cake to make a hotline Miami clone, so that's no problem. I'm working on it. The mask is just a mask select screen where you select a mask and gain the Powers of that animal. F.e as a fox you might be sly and clever.

    I am making some sprites myself, like the fox above which isn't fully shaded yet.

  • Map loading and mask selection screen is completed.

    Through ecternal files you can now edit player variables in the mask folders. It loads all the masks from the mask directory, and displays them in a rotating menue.

    Levels can also be edited slightly, just placing objects.

    I have made Three tracks as of yet, which are all featured i nthe above download. Any Music artist who wants their Music featured in the game can send there file to me. No one will be payed anything. This game is free and I alway keep my games free. It's just for the fun.


  • If you've got money, we've got art!

    That's Lorne ^^^

    Lorne represents Trenchrat Studio and can do just about anything, in terms of art. All us trenchrats hold BFAs in animation and are friendly folk. If you're interested, please send an email to trenchratstudio[at]

    We look forward to hearing from you :)

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