ON HOLD - Experienced Construct 2 Script Freelancer to Improve Performance of Puzzle Platform Game

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  • EDIT: On hold as I have a couple of really helpful offers below. We haven't worked out the specifics, so I may re-open the request if there are any issues. Thanks for the offers!

    Small Indie (mostly just me) developing a game in Construct 2.

    Seeking experienced Construct 2 Programmer to fix or propose clear plan to fix major lag issues. I have a simple puzzle-platformer, no physics puzzles, less than 20 enemies for most levels, minimal plugins (just two by Rex), minimal effects (only 1 or 2 at the layer level), that somehow takes up more than 70% of my CPU and chugs along at 40-50 FPS. I can't figure out why it is so slow and am willing to pay $300 for a few hours of work to work out the source of the problem and to solve or at least provide solutions to the problem.

    The Game is Mira's Brush, and you can check out a trailer here:

  • Hello,

    I can help you! If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me via email:

    contact [at] odiusfly [dot] com

    Thanks in advance,



  • Thanks to both of you for responding! You both have a bunch of experience in Construct, so I really have confidence we can get these scripting issues resolved.

    I am sending each of you a precis with what I'm looking to accomplish. I know $300 isn't a lot, but it's a lot for me, and I'm looking for some specific deliverables. I totally understand if this is overkill, but email me back with your responses. I've had free help before, and I'm hoping to accomplish a bit more with this paid request.

  • Hello There,


    Would be glad to assist you.

    We can discuss further it on Email please connect with me on ianradnor088 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Looking forward to hear you



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  • Hello,


    I can assist you.

    Please Reach to me at Email.

    Email :- carter(At)cisinlabs(Dot)com

    Awaiting your Response

    Very Best Regards

    Carter W

  • Thanks all for your support here, so far I haven't had any success, folks have been very eager and generous with their time, but no solutions have been found. I'm closing this request at this time and will continue to work on the issue on my own. So far I've actually managed to fix the worst of the lag with a few changes I finally worked out by myself, but it will be an uphill battle.

    Thanks folks! I really appreciate the effort to help with my messy code.

  • Thanks all for your support here, so far I haven't had any success, folks have been very eager and generous with their time, but no solutions have been found.

    I clearly figured most the issues out in first 2 hours when i saw the project! You put me onhold for 4-5 days, because you waited some other guy, to see if he can do it, so you could know which to hire.

    But you worked on it yourself meanwhile and now post that noone could figure it out?

    This seems strange!

  • Hi Snip, good to see you here. I'm sorry if there was some confusion, I did not realize you beleived that you had a solution, nor did I know you'd put in so many hours! I'd ask you to read the following and mods not to lock because I think this is just a misunderstanding and I don't want anyone thinking I had ill intents. The offer is still there.

    If you're angry, and you don't want to read this, then we should take this offline to avoid some kind of flame war, I certainly didn't realize I was offending you!

    Here's my previous quote: "I'm going to send you some materials by early tomorrow - I'm at work again today, but I can send you a sample. I still haven't decided who to pay for their services, so I'm not asking for any help until I've chatted with each of you"

    We did not chat, but you did ask to see the materials, so I sent them. You stated you thought you could "Delete" some events to improve things by 30%, which is not a solution, but I was tentatively impressed.

    followed by:

    "Wow! Thanks for the work! I'd love to know your advice, but before I pay, I have one other fellow who was investigating. Don't tell me anything until you and I have a deal, I don't want to steal your time! I have a lot of unusual mechanics, but I do need to figure out how to do them better.

    I'll get back to you in the next day or two, either with a small fee for your time, or to arrange a deal for your solutions."

    You said the key was to delete an event. I have no idea from that that you have a solution, obviously anybody can delete an event and fix a game, for example, delete all the code and *boom* done. As I said in my email, I'm ready to pay you for the work, if you have a solution, but you have presented nothing so far.

    Look, I don't want to get any bad blood here, everything I say is completely sincere. If you have solutions, and want to talk about them, I have a similar response in my email. I intend to pay for suggestions that will honestly improve the game but just telling me to delete core mechanics isn't helpful. If you have more than that (and it certainly sounds like you do, from your latest message), then I'm happy to pay, but I'm not going to pay anyone unless they have concrete suggestions. I think that's fair. If you don't think the fee is sufficient for the work, then I certainly feel you, I'm not a rich dev with a company behind me, so unfortunately I can only offer what I offer. If it's too much work, please do not help me, I REALLY don't want to waste anyone's valuable time.

    Anyway, SNIP, I'm being sincere here, if you have a solution that will help, I'm still there. I leave it in your court.

    Mods, if this gets abusive of rules or something, feel free to lock, I'm honestly surprised at this turn, but I'm trying to mend the fence, don't really want to "stiff" anyone.

  • By the way, here was my last message to you, and I stand by it:

    "If you have solutions other than deleting what I've done and starting over, I will happily pay the fee. I really appreciate any attempt to provide better structure to my game and it's definitely worth the price if you can suggest improvements that fix some speed and reliability issues. Even if I can't implement everything, I will happily pay for realistic solutions.

    Send me an invoice (even just what you expect and a payment method/account name or whatever) a list of the overall types of changes (so I know the broad categories of things to improve) and I will pay 1/2 in advance and 1/2 on delivery of changes, assuming they work as intended.

    Really, I'm grateful for the effort as much as anything."

    This led you to believe I won't pay. I think this must be a translation error, so I apologize for the misunderstanding, what I'm saying here is that if you have suggestions that help, other than just to delete everything, I will pay the fee. I think that's fair, all I'm asking for is some kind of invoice so I know how to pay you.

    I won't post any of your responses, because I don't want to infringe on your privacy, but I don't mind posting my own words, because I stand by them in any future deals as well. If you have a solution, I will pay the agreed amount, simple as that.

    That's all I have to say, I hope we can work this out either here or off-line, and if we can't well, thanks for the effort all the same!

    Good luck to you either way!

  • What are you even saying! Even reading your replys will cost me more time then i worked on your project and finding your core problems.

    My reply was: " After even 1 change, which i was able to find, it dropped on chrome to 30%(ofc it might not be solid fix, because I don't know why event logic is, like it is. So disabling some strange logic, could not be possible in reality, because you need this game mechanics! )."

    That was ~50% drop from 60-70% cpu use to ~30%. Ofc disabling something is no way to go, but that is major drop. So futher working on that object group logic/mechanic could net in huge cpu save.

    Your reply was: Wow! Thanks for the work! I'd love to know your advice, but before I pay, I have one other fellow who was investigating.

    And later 4-5 days you come, bring it into forum like noone could solve it, while claiming you found way to decrease peformance by 30% your own. The Only way you could get it, was reworked your disable/enable logic.

    What i think what happed, was after i reply you that 1 object group causes huge cpu use, you investigated it instead 4-5 days on your own and reworked it a bit, which gave you the performance gain.

    Sorry, if i did not read or reply your email messages anymore. Thinking about it and reading messages will keep costing me time. I replied with honest message last time. You claiming here like iam angry, i am not. I said, i will stop working on this and won't sink any more time. So you could find someone else or do it yourself like you said in mail, that you will continue to work on it yourself.

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