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  • Hello all you amazing developers and such! I am making a project named "Treasure Hunters"

    Treasure Hunters is a platform game about these two guys setting out, traveling all over the world to hunt for Treasure, because they can't pay their rent. They dig in mines, destroy temples, beat evil dudes, Shoot rockets, Slap people, and find Golden Monkey Butt-cheeks, all in their pursuit to get rich. Along the way, they meet rival Hunters, Evil Spirits, Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, and Creepy Weirdos. They team up with cool guys, and they get caught up in something they can't get out of.... It will have, Story Mode, Adventure Mode, Multiplayer, and Challenge Mode. It will be both mobile and PC. The game kinda has an Indiana Jones feel.

    This is the Title Screen Backround:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/61808535/DravenX%5BAged_Pavement_diffuse%5D.jpg" border="0" />

    Just in case you wanted to see it. (IDK why)

    I need a team of awesome people to help out!

    I need:

    • A Graphic Artist (Preferably 2D/Pixel Artist, doesn't have to be.)

    For Graphics such as Characters, (will PM design when hired), Platforms, backgrounds, enemies and bosses. Graphics have to have a adventure/dungeony feel. Has to have examples.

    • Voice Actors

    For: Jo, Prof. P(Taken), Skippy, Paul Zodding, Buck Billington, and Extras.

    For Cutscenes and Character Sounds

    • Character Design Guy

    For Designing Villains and Boss Characters

    • Second Programmer

    If the 1st Programmer has Problems 2nd Programmer can Help, and the 1st Can Help the 2nd

    • Boss Fight/Scenario Designer

    Designs Boss Fights and Gripping Parts of the story.

    • Music Composer

    Composes the Game Music

    What we have:

    • Programmer 1
    • 1 Voice Actor

    What I offer:

    After the game is made, you will be paid just for working on it, PLUS An equal share of the profits the game makes on Steam, and the soundtrack on Bandcamp and LP Store and others.

    Advertisement on my site (So you can service others for $) (Requires Email)

    The site gets 90-120 views a day, from all over the world, and I am looking preferably for a long-term team, you know, for future projects. So, please consider this offer. Together we can make a great game!

    If you are interested, or have any questions please PM me.

  • You'll have a hard time getting people to work for you for free, especially with the lack of information you're providing about what they'll be doing and what your game is about..

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  • Well , will it go on Steam ?

    And How about Desura ?

  • Yeah it will go on Steam.

  • Yeah on Steam. Maybe Desura. I'm not sure.

  • Maybe you should work up a prototype or proof of concept first--there are a lot of projects, but it's the potential that will get people excited about it. Even mock-ups can help. For instance, what advantage does a programmer have going for your project over another?

    Try to give more detail or an outline about the project and it will get more attention.

  • Thanks for the advice.

  • One thing I do before I get all the art in is make the prototype of the game: basically the entire game without the art and sound assets. Doing that will let people know you're different from the rest!

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