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  • Hello everyone, I have a project to finish with Construct 2

    Project : Kingdom MMO RPG

    Overview: Kingdom MMO RPG (can base on Vpet 3.0 system source code and Parallel Kingdom, GraalOnline Classic gameplay feature)

    Kingdom MMO RPG is a MMORPG which player can develop personal skills, train pet, get party with friends, fight enemies, monsters and conquest new land to be a Lord.


    • Made with newest technology crossform, which can play in browser, android, ios smoothly: HTML5, Js, Ajax…
    • 2D or 2,5D: (similar Paralelle Kingdom, GraalOnline Classic system but better graphic require)
    • Use Game Map or Based on location GPS: use game map or Google map if possible for hunting new pet.
    • Easy to admin, easy to modify, easy to make new character, pet, monster, quest, map, official event, user event, user map…
    • Server/client with data stores all in server with anti hacking data.
    • In-app purchasing: gold, coin, item, avatar…
    • Support

    General Features:

    -Register/Login & logout server

    • Profile system
    • User class system
    • MMO RPG system
    • Map system
    • Item system
    • Upgrade level system
    • Pet system
    • Money system, Bank

    -Shop center

    -Chat System

    -Notice Board

    • Club system
    • Auction/User shop Center
    • Quest System
    • Mini game

    Feature summary require: Player will walk on map, meet and fight the monster, gain exp (level up), then collect coin, item, get food to make bait for pet. Player can see another, and can chat, send gold, send item, and party to train . When player meet pet, he can use food to bait. summary, i will 2 main feature: RPG on map (walk, fight monster), and Hunting pet on map.

    You can give some advice or introduce for me some coder can make this project.

    In demo period, i want to use free rpg graphic source, which can use player, monster, map, tileset, item, effect...

    My budget also 2000-3000$, up to quality gameplay offer.

    Yes, I need all basic feature can manage directly from Admin panel, as less as coding too much ^^

    Another request…

    PM me and we can work...! Thanks

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  • who is going your project ??

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