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  • Im creating a flappy bird clone with a twist and i need a developer to finish it. Using the tutorial on here i got pretty far but i still need scoring, levels, and some work to use the different characters.

    I have graphics already so right now i need the dev and thats it. Im have a itunes dev account so when the game is done im looking to submit to the app store.

    Payment: Paypal

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  • Just a heads up. Marketplaces have stopped accepting flappy anything :)

    The heads up is before you spend any money - know that all over flappy is being boxed into a corner because so many clones have been released.

    Some very funny ones too, but far to many.

  • DUTOIT has a point. However it's the name that's more being blocked than the game play. They feel the people cashing in on the word "flappy" is being abused.

    You can call your game another name like "Derpy Dragon" another clone game and then pass onto the IOS store.

    I am interested in the work. PM with the details. as in

    Do you have a design document

    are all the assets for everything done.

    I'm ok at level design, but you can tweak after wards

    time estimation

    and what your offering for the work.

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