Hiring a C2 professional for inventory.

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  • Greetings there! ^_^

    I am currently hiring someone who is a professional with C2, someone who is able to create and code the following;

    1. Inventory with texts and icons - Items added and removed from inventory up to 500 items.

    2. Equip slots in both weapons/armor/accessories - to equip and remove equipment - taken from or added back to inventory.

    3. Display effects on said 'pressed button' - according to what item is currently equipped.

    Coding must be without bugs and errors.

    Contact will occur via Skype and payment will be through Paypal.

    Price and payment can be discussed untill we both agree.

    Thank you for your time ^_^

  • No one is able to do this? ^_^

  • Hi, can you PM me more details? Especially if you have a sketch of what you want/example screenshot


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  • 500 items? that is a long code, will make your game very heavy and unplayable with c2 i can do all those things, and optimize them for good fps rate, skype me at gamecorp,tm or pm here if you still need help ( call me on post using )

  • Hi GPProd, did you manage to get this work done already? I'm interested in working for you.

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