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  • STEM Fuse is a K-12 education company that partners with Scirra to bring game design and programming education to schools across the United States. We're looking for game developers interested in building games to be played and rebuilt by students in grades 6-12.

    We're looking for developers interested in building the following types of games:

    - Mini-Games: Simple games that teach a specific concept (ie. game physics).

    - Full Games: Complex games that combine multiple programming concepts (ie. multiplayer, mobile).

    With every game, we'd expect the game developers to also include documentation for each step of the game design process, so that students could learn how to build that game.

    Interested in this opportunity? Want to see an example of what we're looking for?

    Apply on our website here!

  • Hi,

    I can help you with this as I have wide experience with gaming application development. Please reach me out at vanessafkk@cisinlabs.com so that we can discuss further.


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  • Hello,

    If you are interested don't hesitate to contact me via email:

    odiusfly [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Thanks in advance,



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