[HIRED]: Someone to improve my 'Calculator' project

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  • ***UPDATE: Job has been awarded and is no longer available - Thanks very much to all who replied***

    Want to hire: Someone to improve my 'Calculator' project

    I love Construct2 but always end up abandoning these little projects I start when they get to the edge of my skill level. I need someone with C2 smarts to take my project to the next level.

    I made a calculator of sorts and I got it mostly as I want it but I am not skilled enough in C2 to do things like...

    • Save the values I enter in the calculator to the browser so that they load next time ('save game' basically)
    • format the number output so that it includes commas (1,000 vs 1000)
    • I got stumped on making a text input that accepts decimal points (all the others inputs are whole numbers)
    • I want to add buttons to change the max/min values of my on-screen sliders
    • I'd like to be able to 'TAB' between the text inputs
    • Replacing my duplicated series of events with functions might be nice
    • My wish list is long!

    I probably won't be able to afford to do all of that but I will come up with a list in order of priority and we can see what we can get done.

    You can see my calculator as it is now here: http://bit.ly/2mPgaiU

    I would like to hire someone who knows how to 'wrangle' math and functions in C2, is neat and methodical and has the skills to tweak my project and hand it back to me (with code comments where possible) in a state that I will still recognise it and be able to tweak it further myself (this is really important - I need someone who can create clean, smart event code that an intermediate user like me can decipher)

    Ideally you are super organised, detail oriented and enjoy making things work just right with minimal number of events in a modular way.

    Any questions feel free to leave a comment, if you are interested in being hired for this project please send me a PM with your rate and where I can see an example(s) of your work.

    Thanks in advance!

    Update: This job has been filled and opportunity is no longer available.

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