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  • Hi guys,

    We are currently looking for a 2D artist to join our little team :)

    But before going any further, I'll present the team, our project, the objectives, and the person we're looking for.

    My name is Karl and I'm Associate Producer in the game industry. I bought Construct 2 in the first place to see if I could make my own games. Because I encountered a few issues with my programming, I posted a few questions on the forum and this is how I met Antoine (http://www.scirra.com/users/guizmus).

    After chatting a bit, he decided to join me to try make a game together. Because I was no longer alone, we decided to redefine the game concept to try make something fun, a game we would enjoy playing ourselves.

    So after defining the type of game we could make and the scope of the project, I wrote the new game concept to define clearly what we want to achieve. I set up a board (Kanban type) to planify the next features we would develop and filled a backlog organized by priorities.

    Concerning the game, we are going to make a top down game similar in terms of quality to Hotline Miami and the recently funded Darkwood. Gameplaywise, it will be a different type of game, we don't want to make a clone of those games, so it won't be a top down shooter or a survival horror. It's important to make something original if possible that would get us excited throughout the production. We already have a prototype in progress on which we work on a regular basis.

    As for the art style, we haven't defined it precisely yet because we would like the artist that would join to take this in charge as he will be better at defining it as it's his domain of expertise. Nevertheless, we think in terns of quality, Darkwood is a good benchmark: youtube.com/watch

    Our objective is to make a 5 to 10 minutes polished gameplay video to showcase the project and depending on the reaction / feedback, start a crowd funding campaign to set up a company if it's successful. We would like to try finish the demo by the end of August even though that will depend a lot on our personal life and if we find an artist obviously :)

    We know we haven't revealed much about the game itself, but if you're really interested we will obviously take you through the game concept. Please don't hesitate to contact us, or post your questions here, and we will kindly reply to them.

    Finally, if I have introduced us and explained all this, it's because I want to insist that we're both serious and experimented in our own field, and therefore we're looking for someone who wants to be part of something. It was important for us to come up with a game idea that we could possibly make and not just start a project that would have no future or interest.

    Thanks for your time and consideration,



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  • Totally interested but theirs three major things you must know, i'm only 14, so that means in september all the way to december, it would be maybe like 30min a day at the most, im still learning things about construct so you'd have to teach me, and lastly im going to B.C (currently live in Calgary AB) so i would be on the road for 2 half days, i could work on the road and at the hotel or such and work on the road again. my email is garretthemeonxji@gmail.com

    again really interested, thanks for the opportunity

  • when i say help i mean like with lighting effects and how to use them not animation or anything, cause i really just know the basics of construct

  • First of all, I would like to thank you all for the contacts we made in such a short time. We temporary closed this topic, as the need seems to be met right now.

    We will be updating accordingly, and maybe display some more about the project as it goes on.


    Thank you for your proposition, but C2 programming isn't the issue, we were more looking for an artist to bring life to our project. Basic knowledge of C2 is an appreciated proposition but not needed right now.

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