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  • Hey All,

    I'm Steven,

    Not so long ago I decided to put a team together. Now there were the ups and downs as anyone will tell you, Ultimately things started going well so we registered the company. Fully Legit. Our numbers even went all the way upto 32 members, Plenty of people with promises and dreams.. Well today I run the 5 man team which is exceptional! Everyone is happy and working.. Nothing bad to report.. Now that being said, We are looking for some temporary Pro Bono people, This could be a developer, designer, artist etc etc.. At this time we want some people to get involved in the projects and the company but we are not in a position to hire somebody. That being said 100% promise of payment and even a job at the end of the project is like i said promised! If nothing else works out then you'll be walking away with some portfolio work, hopefully some money and game development team experience.

    I hope I didn't type for too long... You can find Heresy Studios at the following link, I very much look forward to hearing from a few of you. This could be the start of your greatest life adventure ever! Don't be shy, Come and say hi.

    Many many thanks,

    Steven Herod

    Heresy Studios


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  • Hi there Steven, I'm a programmer who have been using Construct 2 for more than 2 years (about to become 3, I think). I've written many tutorials about C2 and have even published a book about it!

    more detail about me can be found in this topic:

    if you ever look for a code-for-hire, then don't hesitate to contact me

  • Excellent Daggio, Thank You Very Much!

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