Help wanted for a TV game show project

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  • Hello folks,

    I am based in the New York City/New Jersey Area in the U.S. and I have created an idea for a game show that relies very heavily on computer generated graphics called "Video Challenge" to be shown for broadcast.

    I have started programming the game before, but, I don't have as much time as I used to for programming, so I need your help folks!

    Anybody who is interested, please feel free to reply! I will give you details and graphics later.

    For now I can tell you that this is going to be a retro themed show. I will provide you with the pixel fonts and I will go into very full detail about the graphics and the interface for the game. It's a trivia and word game where winners get to play video games for cash and prizes.

    And at the very least, YOU WILL RECEIVE CREDIT AND RECOGNITION FOR YOUR HELP as my sincere gratitude! Plus more, depending on what my budget allows.

    I look forward to hearing from you nice people! Thank you so much and god bless you all! Take care my friends! :)

    All my best ever,

    Chris Kennedy

  • Well I'm interested in this affair. Could you explain me more details. I'm from Ukraine, L'viv city. PM me.

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  • I'm interesed too, pm me.

  • Hiya Gentlemen!

    I'm so sorry that I am very late in replying! :( I was in NYC a couple of times as of late as well as I have a full time job.   

    Sadly, the forums won't let me PM you. Can you pm me your email addresses instead? Thanks! :)

    • Chris
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