Help with side scrolling car physics level (PAID)

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  • I need some PAID help with a level of my game where the character drives a side scrolling car. There are jumps and gaps and I have tried to get the car physics plug in to work but have no luck.

    This is just one level in the game so if I have to scrap it or switch to top down I will, but I think the result will be high impact and is a nice change of pace during the game.

    I am aiming for the feel of Snuggle Truck without the passengers. This is kind of urgent as I am showing this game at Pax East in a couple of weeks.

    Let me know if you can help out!

  • Post in the how do I section to get some help and add a .capx so we can see your code

  • Ya sorry I was hoping to pay someone to set this up for me as I don't have time to pursue it at the moment. I thought that was the point of the Help Wanted section, no?

  • that is exactly what this section is for. You just may want to mention in your initial post that it is your goal to pay to have someone do it, instead of getting an explanation of how to do it.

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  • Ah right, I assumed that was understood because of post location, but we all know what happens when you assume

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