Help Setting Up a Scene - Simple Task [CLOSED]

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  • Hi,

    I'm selling assets on the scirra store and want to promote it better. For this purpose I decided to make a small interacativec demo for one of my assets.

    It will have a simple background , a jungle audio playing to give the right mood and 1 character at a time on center of screen. It shouldnt move or jump any. Just stay at same spot. Im using Spriter.

    The task is when the user clicks LMB the next animation should play. When animation reaches end start over from beginning.

    Mousewheel should control animation speed.

    RMB should switch the characters. I have 17 characters included in the package. So lets say character 1 is on stage user clicks RMB character 1 is removed and character 2 shows up. And now animations of character 2 should play.

    I'll provide you with files when you interested.

    It's not a big task but I don't want spend time myself on it. I think anyone can do it.

    And what you get? I'll give you the mentioned package for free + another asset of your choice from my assets. Total worth can range from 17$ - 32$.

    PM me on scirra or send me mail to

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  • Thanks for your interest guys. The job offer is no more. Closed

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