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  • Hi, I have finished my game a while ago, and want to publish it to android, apple, windows 8, and facebook. It uses adverts and functions such as leaderboards, social integration etc.. I've tried crosswalk for android as it apparently is compatible with but only got a black screen or white screen,, I've uploaded an exported zip to but added some music files separately as the tutorial said it didn't do the music and properly, so I don't know if I did that right. I've been trying windows 8 all week, the thread you can see in the beginners section, can't even find the appx file in the bin, but as far as I read this should have been compatible with I followed the publish to windows clayio integration tutorial and the game works bar the clayio stuff when you press F5l!!. All in all I spent a lot of time making the game and don't believe I'll ever be able to get it to publish anywhere. I don't have a Mac so havn't even tried that one yet, no doubt the result would be similar!! Willing to agree a payment for someones time, would like to do it over teamviewer so I can be shown, so I know for next time what I was doing wrong and learn how to do it right as well as get my apps built and released...

    Any help would be much appreciated, and as I said, I would be prepared to compensate for someones time.

    Cheers, Pete K

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  • If you want to publish to mac you will have to buy a apple developer account (100 bucks per year)

    For android publishing. This is possible you can do it with cocoonjs (premium if you want adds)

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