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  • Hello,

    I got an problem and maybe u guys know how to solve this.

    I want an (probably) infinite terrain gen,

    I have seen the capx from rojohound and the one from Run fast or something

    but I need a really random terrain, no caves like.

    I tried something but it is using too much objects (Each tile is a object)

    Since I need it to be random I cant use the tiled background I think?

    So if somebody would help me?

    Greets Maurice

  • you could do that if you had the full version sorry cant help

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  • Well, it's a bit of a memory waste, but you could have all of the possible tiled backgrounds in place, generate a random integer, then destroy every background that doesn't correspond to it.

    Alternately, using sprites, there's having one object with several frames of animation, and using that random integer to pick which frame; but I'm guessing that's pretty similar to what you were trying.

    Pardon the vague-ish answers but it's hard to know exactly what you're trying for without more detail. Good luck!

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