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  • <center><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">

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    Hello amazing game developers !!

    I am currently looking for artists,music composers,game designers,scenario writers or any other awesome and skilled person that can help with my new project...

    What i am not looking for is programmers as thats the part that i will do solo along with everything else

    Nuc?ear Gear is and idea that i had in mind for several years

    The website is up at :

    The game will be similar to Septerra Core with a blend of classical strategy elements and in terms of graphics it has a lot of work and concepts that needs to be done ,

    core programming will be done in Construct 2

    I cannot offer money during development however all members of the group will get a persentage of the game's sales, that's right ! i am aiming to make a paid to play game and hopefully even have it on steam ,

    Development is most likely to start in a month from now at 11 of August 2012

    I was developing Siege Again , a one man's project

    however this is cancelled..

    Really want to hear from you so reply and just say whatever you can are able to offer , thanks !!</center>


  • Hi, I would love to help you with your project as either a game designer or a scenario writer and if you needed me to help with anything else then I will try to assist if I can even if I need to learn on the job.

  • Well , I could help you at Concepting , Drawing and Event Programming !

    But I suck at Music and Sfx

    And Also , I have to go to school so I wont be always in the house

    To Finish , You will have to add My Logo at the Start of the Game

    Pm. me to tell me more of your game

    * A little Logo I made to Show my Abilities *

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    Edit : Oh , I didn't see the programming part !

    Ok , Don't P.m Me !

  • I also would be willing to help as a scenario writer. Let me know what you need.

  • <center><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Ok guys , sorry for the late reply but there seems to be some bug in the forum and i could not post anything with my normal account , ok here goes

    Mekapix2 you can do both , the game will use a 2.5 isometric "hybrid like" real time strategy , what this means is that we have to come up with some ways to make a great combat engine that is similar to final fantasy tactics,fallout1n2 etc but instead of boxes we are going to use real controls and limited walking ability , imagine for example that insead of making a characted move only a total of 5 boxes we can make him move for a total of 1 sec or maybe 50 pixels or so , and you can do that with arrows , i have already made some things with this perspective in mind which i can show you ,

    As a scenario writers you can go crazy

    Imagine that the badsic scenario is that the 3rd world war has already happened and a genious guy destroyed the moon , and now it is the very start of 4rth world war ,ill be posting full scenario plan afterwards

    Kbdmaster it's ok ill do al lthe programming im quite good ,

    what is needed now is new ideas , research into nuclear stuff like what happens after an atomic explosion , nuclear winter phenomenon , or how the world will be afterwards the buildings, the lost technology and stuff like that ... drawings are in too , lots of concepts and ideas needed...

    SlippyFox same goes to you ..

    What im planning to make is an awesome game and post it in steam or desura which are 2 great platforms , i thought that the best way to communicate our ideas is that we make a shared dropbox account and each member will have folders with his work inside, anythinglike pictures he thought were interesting or pages of scenario or drawings or even links to other websites or things ,

    i will be posting in another folder what i already have made so you can see and some lists with things that need to be done

    is this ok with you ?

    The game engine will be construct classic and we will have installer and exe , so that means a much more stable and graphically good game ...

    There is already another guy too that can join ..

    All of our names will be in the final game and if you want and have you logo in the start, if we make sales(or at least get a buck or 2) we are going to split it at a fair rate , i haven't given much though into that but the basic right now is to start developing

    So guys to sum up , take a look at the game's website here

    cause there have been some new stuff going on and i wait your reply here ...

    also please post the hardware you use and if you have a tabled like wacom ones,

    if you can or have example of your drawings or anyhting else regarding your projects please post ... thx


  • Wait a Sec ... C2 will be better , It will receive a Exe Exporter in r100

    In August , I don't think The game will be finished in August , And I can help you at programmation , You will be the Lead Programmer and I will be a programmer and game designer

    And you didn't explain us what is the game ... Rts , Rpg , Stealth , Puzzle ? Be more precise !

    Also , I had an Idea like this

    .. For the Combat Engine , Let's do a Real-Time engine

    Where you have an energy bar that recharges after time and your attack will all be in the down bar , and the more your attack will be powerful the more it will take energy and you can move as you can and to finish there will be no player or enemy turns !

    Or we can do as SB:S&S:Ep

  • Sounds good to me. I'll go ahead and get started on that research and maybe some scenarios. Dropbox sounds like a good idea,too.

  • <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><center>kbdmaster , c2 is indeed better , but at the moment it doesn't support shaders and it's missing a lot of other stuff too plus stability, i originaly started development with c2 but when i moved to classic with dx9 i knew i had to do it there, r100 is said to support shaders, but it will most probably take a long time to be a stable enviroment to develop.,

    Another reason is that i want exe wrapper so that i can publish the games to Steam and Desura , if c2 manages to do that in the future it will be very very easy to just port the project to c2 from cclassic so no worries.

    To show you how powerful CC is i uploaded a small intro of NuclearGear

    the same as in the video only a newer version here

    <font color=green></font>

    Right now having 2 programmers working on the same thing i think will lead to slower development but what you can do is to try to make an isometric game engine in c2 or Cclassic if you want to give us a direction of where we are headed

    I like the idea of real time but why not make a blend of real time and time based O_o , i mean like we have a certain amount of movement that we can do each turn but energies or fate cards and stuff like that recharge real time so that we must make hurry in the turns ,,

    njValor ,thanks for coming , i am planning on making something amazing here

    There is a ton of free games out there , and many with post apocalyptic scenarios but they all lack something, a good story and an engaging gameplay, they are simply "kill that monster","grab the ammo back" and "kill some more"

    Of course there are good exceptions

    Here are some games that Nuclear Gear will grab some elements from :

    Septerra Core - fate card battle system , overal gameplay

    Final Fantasy Tactics - isometric system

    Stalker Series - similar to this game the scenario in Nuclear Gear is about a mysterious zone where as you progress towards its center the laws of physics distort, eg color is lost and stuff like that

    Ill post full scenario plan in some hours from now here

    Fallout series - The character modification and item system

    So guy im making dropbox accounts soon

    posting full scenario plan here and more detail about the game in general and making some way to instant chat all together .... cya for now :D


  • Oh , I have a Dropbox Account

    Also , You already forgot that the 100 release is the final release , So C2 will surely support shaders , be stable and be better , And remember that C2 is updated , Nor CC , so in the future , Who said that C2 Won't release a 2.5 behavior that will help us alot !

    I tell you , Marked ! , You will regret your choice later !

    Another thing , If we are two programmer , let's make two battle systems and then playtest them , and the most liked will go ingame !

    I suggest a pokemon like battle system but with no text at all

    That would be easy to use ! And we don't need the character to move in combat , A non-moving combat is better ! Because even if you are at 100 feets of your opponent he can use a magic attack and kill you !

    That's my 50 cents !

  • If we can port from CC to C2 , it's okey if i program on C2

    Well it's because i suck at C2

    Also ! check this link !

    also we could add a crafting system !

  • guys im too tired to write scenario now, will be posting in tomorrow though ,ive benn working on some stuff on the main menu .... need sleep bye <img src="smileys/smiley34.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • kbdmaster and njValor i send you both pms with login to dropbox and our chat , whoever else wants to help as an artist or game designer reply here .....

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  • Hey , I know you are really in a rush , but explain us what we have to do

    Don't start like this all of sudden , We have to chat on the chat and cut the work in 4 , Tell us when you connect so we can chat on the chatroom

  • ok we need msn, this chatroom is not good, guys just pm me your hotmail to inv you in msn or make one if you dont have k?

    edit : artists are also needed , if you can draw in 2d or isometric then come ! <img src="smileys/smiley34.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley34.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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