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  • Hi,

    I need some help to finish my app I have been creating for some time. I am currently using an XML file in the project with placeholders to allow my app to export a .XML file with data from drop downs in the app. My issue is that I need to also integrate pictures and ideally have it saved as an Xls file.

    With the help of others on the forum I have an example that exports to excel using JS excel builder. My problem is that my app is already written to use a template XML file. It has columns and headings preset and also colour formatting. The XLS export version has none of this. (Just exports an array into a table in excel and a canvas snapshot into a cell).

    If anyone has experience in JS / Excel / C2 that might be able to help me finish my app please get in touch!

    Thanks =)

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  • Bump to see if anyone knows how to do this? I am desperate now!!!

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