[Help needed] Convert C code to C2 behaviors

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  • I've been using an engine, from which i would like to port the character system into C2, which means the final result would be a Platform-like behavior, with many extended options, to make the actor behave like anything between a simple jump and run, to full blown sonic the hedgehog style physics.

    The reason i'm dropping the old engine is because it's development stopped and my programming skills are very bad. I was able to add some small new features, but C2 is much more advanced in general, only lacks a behavior similar to the one described.

    Now the hard part: I know most of the people here will not work for free. If someone would that would be awesome, if not, post your price. This is the C source to the actor:


    The point is not to make a direct reproduction, but to make a platform behavior flexible enough to contain most of the features, and letting the Constructor choose which to use, and configure the behavior with variables and booleans.

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  • I am not that skilled in this area, but rather than posting the code; post what the character does so then people who are not experienced in C could help you easier.

  • KZR Most of us (me included) can help you make a set of events that act as a plugin. Performance is the same

  • thank you for your replies. I am actually grasping it event-wise, the thing about having it as a behavior, is that it would be ready to use for others, and don't look so scary to configure and get running.

    A few tweaks are still needed, but the basics of 360 degree physics are there. Those wanting to create Sonic games in C2 can take this logic as an example.

    This is how it should play:


    Please note that this is an early prototype from 2012 that was made in another engine. Those are the physics I want to achieve.

    this is the current state of things in Construct:


    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/202 ... index.html

    If someone would like to help refine the behavior, perhaps even join the project, please drop me a PM.

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